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e are more t●han 3 million cars●, most of which ar◆e high emission f◆amily car

the pu○blic鈥檚 travel h○abits have a ■direct impact 〓on the automobile■ industry鈥檚 e●nergy consumption. S〓imilarly, the p■ublic鈥檚 need fo●r housing ●also has a direc○t impact on the c◆onstruction sector鈥檚■ energy consump●tion.At 9:00 on M◆arch 23, 2008, i■n front of a b●ig shopping mall in 〓Beijing, a group of● environmental vo●lunteers rece●ived a simple〓 training se●ssion before promo■ting the energ◆y-efficiency label.C●hina has extended〓 its rural subsidy 〓scheme for■ home applianc〓e purchases in an ef●fort to boos■t rural cons■umption. T●he first document ●of the year issued j◆ointly by the Sta◆te Council an〓d the Central ●Committee of the C〓ommunist Party of● China has f○orecast that subsid〓ies worth 10 b●illion yuan will ◆be allocated to th◆e rural home appl●iance project.〓 It is expected◆ to drive up rur○al consumpt●ion.The Chinese gov〓ernment will provi◆de a 13 per〓cent subsidy to a■ll rural buyers of● home applianc●es, including co◆lor TVs,

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